TOEIC Attention 2015/05/9

一、測驗日期(Test Date):2015/05/9
測驗時間(Test Time):14:00 ~ 16:30
測驗當天聯絡人(Person to contact on the Test Date):吳春
(There are a lot of students join this TOEIC Test, and we have two examination hall--CE building and CM building.Please check on line for exam information, or have it printed, 5 days before the date of your having the exam.Check the examination hall before you taking the test.)
工學院試場(CE building Test Location):CE201、CE 203、CE204、CE205、CE 208、CE 210、CE 301、CE 303。
管理學院試場(CM building Test Location):CM102、CM103、CM104、CM 105。
三、測驗當天請務必攜帶有效之身分證件(Examinees have to bring the following items Valid ID)、2B鉛筆及橡皮擦(2B Pencils and Erasers)。有效之身分證件僅限:中華民國國民身分證正本或有效期限內之護照正本或台灣居留證正本。(The acceptable ID includes the original copy of the R.O.C ID card or a valid passport, or alien resident certificate)
(Examinees are admitted to test with the original copies of valid IDs)
(Please arrive at the test location in advance. Examinees are forbidden to enter the test location once the TOEIC begins)
(Those who do not have a photo identification will be asked to take a photo on the day of the test. The photo-taking will charge the test taker an additional fee of NT$ 200)
(For other related regulations please refer to the TOEIC examinee handbook)

★★★Please be sure to take original copy of valid IDs on the test date★★★

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