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About us

    The intense occurrences of disasters recently all over the earth leading to massive loss of life and destruction of infrastructures have grabbed people’s attention. Less striking is the area of disaster risk management – the know-how to prepare for such disasters and to reduce their effects. As one of the major Universities in Taiwan, NPUST has decided to contribute more toward bringing this know-how to soil and water engineers and managers. Current major challenges in soil and water related problems include securing water for people and for food production, protecting vital ecosystems, and dealing with variability and uncertainty of rainfall in space and time.


    The International Master Program in Soil and Water Engineering imparts education and training toward an understanding of the complexity of water related natural phenomena, water resources management problems, and disasters caused by extreme rainfall event. It offers a balanced curriculum, which covers both the engineering and management aspects of soil and water resources development. Students are trained to acquire knowledge and hands-on practice in tools and techniques to come up with viable and sustainable solutions within the framework of the integrated water resources management at the river basin scale.


    The program covers three major areas – Agricultural Water Demands under Different Climatic Conditions, Soil and Water Resources Management, and Extreme Events and Risk Management. The courses are designed in such a way that the students can specialize according to their interests. Courses on watershed hydrology, soil physics, hydrodynamics, water resources systems, river flow analysis, flood control and mitigation, flood modeling and forecasting and concepts in soil and water relation provide the solid foundation to the advanced courses. The program emphasizes specially on tools and techniques in resource planning and management in addition to laboratory and field practices.